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About Us

The New England region is rich in history, blessed with astounding natural beauty, and born of hard-working people who care for each other and the environment. By choosing to represent ourselves with the words “New England,” we accept the responsibility inherent in the title.​

Downtown Plymouth, New Hampshire

If you are discovering New England Printwear Company for the first time, rest assured that we have been producing imprinted sportswear for customers locally, regionally, and around the country for many years.  


Our team is an assembly of some of the most experienced and talented apparel decorators in New England and beyond. We possess great creative resources and abundant knowledge of the best apparel available today. We embrace modern textile technology while putting over 30 years of custom sportswear sales experience to work.


Our goal is to provide consistent, courteous service, and on-time delivery of fairly priced, top quality products. Perfection is the goal, but humans produce our product. We do our best to insure the rare but inevitable human error never becomes your problem.

In the Community

We take pride in being a part of our community and believe that hard work and community outreach are the cornerstones of a strong New England business.  Organizations and individuals in our community that endeavor to DO GOOD through charitable events are important to us, and we assist with those efforts in the areas we can contribute.

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